"60 of Restaurants Fail" Is Utter B.S.

by Tom Meehan

"60% of restaurants fail in their first year" — that's a load a horse sh*t.

So, here's the situation. You've told somebody (i.e. your in-laws) you're planning on opening a restaurant. They, (probably your father in-law), no doubt told something along those lines.

Statistically speaking, it's true of course. A large number of restaurants do fail.

But opening a restaurant isn't a game of statistics. Those businesses failed for a reason. They hired staff on the cheap. They ignored the chefs when they warned "a bigger menu isn't better". They refused to acknowledge their bad managaement when they went through 10 waiters, in 10 weeks.

Some (but few) restaurants fail because they were unlucky. But, the majority failures fail because they were bad businesses.

So, when your father in-law tells you you're a statistical dud — ignore him.

He's jealous.

Whether your restaurant lives or dies, you'll be pushing your chefs do produce the best work of their lives. You'll be helping your waitstaff pay their way through university. You'll be knocking your customers socks off.

And he'll be sitting in an out-of-town office park.

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